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Thetford N112 Fridge

A chic, compact absorption fridge with integrated freezer compartment

The stylish Thetford N112 Fridge is a black framed, compact absorption fridge for caravans, motorhomes and campervans. The Thetford N112 is compact, but ample, providing a gross capacity of 113 litres (including 14 for the handy, integrated freezer compartment) and also features 2 flexible storage racks and shelves. This secure compact caravan fridge also benefits from featuring an adjustable bottle slide to keep even larger bottles in place whilst driving.

For added usability the Thetford N112 caravan Fridge also comes with a control panel with touch control and has an electric lit flame.

Thetford Fridges N100 Caravan Motorhome Fridge

Thetford N112 Fridge
Thetford N112 Fridge Thetford N112 Fridge Open Door Back of the Thetford N112 Fridge Thetford N112 Fridge front Thetford N112 Fridge top view


Replaced with the new Thetford N3112 fridge

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Model Thetford N100
Dimensions (H x W x D) 821 x 525 x 632 mm
Gross volume inc. freezer (litres) 113
Volume of freezer (litres) 14
Wheel arch model available Yes
Operation Electric Energy Selection / Smart Energy Selection / Manual Energy Control
Display LCD
Automatic defrosting cycle -
Input 230v (kWh/24h) 2.8
Input Gas (gr./24h) 330
Weight 25 kg