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Thetford N3104 3 Way Caravan Fridge

Thetford Fridges N3112 Caravan Motorhome Fridge

The NEW Thetford N3104 is a slightly deeper version of the Thetford N3100 caravan fridge. It has an increased capacity of 105 litres which includes an 11 litre freezer compartment. As with all the Thetford fridges the N3104 caravan fridge and run from three energy sources, 12volt, Mains & LPG Gas. The refrigerator has adjustable shelves to suit your needs. For the full spec of the Thetford N3104 caravan fridge scroll to the bottom of the page.

Thetford N3104 3 way fridge
Thetford N3104 Caravan & Motorhome Fridge
Thetford caravan controls

(Trade Prices available to caravan & motorhome dealers)

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Thetford N3104 3 Way Caravan Fridge Options
Thetford N3104A Automatic Energy Selection (Framless)
Thetford N3104A Automatic Energy Selection (Framed)
Thetford N3104E Manual Energy Selection (Framed)


Reversible door hinge:

The Thetford N3104 is supplied with a reversible hinge that can be situated left or right.

Thetford N3104 Caravan Absorption Fridge:

  • Automatic or manual power source selection
  • Securely closed door
  • Flexible bottle slide
  • 2 flexible white door bins
  • 2 flexible white shelves
  • Black framed door
  • Control panel
  • First class cooling performance
  • Quiet to run
  • Power cables and gas inlet tube at the bottom-backside of the fridge
  • 3-year guarantee
  • CE mark of quality, CFC-free and almost entirely recyclable
  • This model replaces the discontinued Thetford N104

Other Details

  • Main Dimensions (H x W x D) (cm): 82.1 x 52.5 x 57.8
  • Total Volume: 105  Litres
  • Freezer Volume: 11 Litres
  • Wheel Arch Model: No
  • Door Version: Framed Right & Left Hinge
  • Usable Power Source: AC/DC Gas
  • Ignition: Electric
  • Display: LED
  • Energy Consumption (kWh/24h): 2.8
  • Energy Consumption Gas (Grams/24h): 330
  • Max Input 12V (A/h): 11.6
  • Max Input 230V (A/h): 1.5
  • Weight (KG): 27

All gas appliances must be fitted by a qualified gas engineer, failure to do so can affect your warranty.